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    Tinplate cans advantage
    Tin cans

    Commonly known as tin cans tin cans , tin is made with tin cans , tinplate is crossing which is on the surface of iron tin. To play a protective role . Generally for beautifully packaged , and the use of printing, commonly known as printing cans
    Use tin cans

    Usually divided according to their actual use of moon cake cans, iron tea, coffee cans, biscuit tins , cans health care products , beauty cans , handle cans , piggy bank , sealed cans, milk cans , tanks , Christmas cans, gift cans , candles cans, metal drums , badges , coasters , tin toys, music boxes , cigarette cases, stationery , CD boxes, cigarette boxes , all kinds of special-shaped cans mold.
    Classified according to shape into round cans , rectangular cans, square cans, push boxes, shaped cans ( heart / oval / car -shaped / cartoon animal-shaped ) and so on.
    Tinplate cans advantage
    Tin cans compared to other packaging materials has its obvious advantages.
    1 good mechanical properties : tin cans relative to other packaging containers , such as the strength of plastic, glass , paper containers are large, and good rigidity, easy to break . Not only for small sales package , and is the main container large transport packaging .
    2 barrier excellent : there are excellent tin cans than any other material barrier , gas barrier properties, moisture resistance, shading , Paul fragrance are good, coupled with a reliable seal that can reliably protect products.
    3 mature technology and high production efficiency: the production of tinplate cans historic , mature technology has a matching set of production equipment, high production efficiency , to meet a variety of product packaging needs.
    4 beautifully decorated : good printing properties of metallic materials ; design trademark bright and beautiful, the prepared containers compelling , is an excellent sales package .
    5 various shapes : tin cans can be made into various shapes according to the different needs, such as cans , oval cans, round cans , horseshoe , trapezoid , both to meet the needs of different product packaging , and the packaging container more changes , promote sales .
    6 recyclable : compliance with international environmental requirements, in line with future product trends .
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