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    China metal packaging industry in the future

    1 broad market space, has tremendous potential and growth opportunities.Chinese large population base, with 13 hundred million consumer groups, at the same time, all kinds of industrial products and agricultural products rich, in addition to food and beverage high speed development, the rapid development of chemical industry, medicine and cosmetics, provides a broad market for the metal packagingenterprise, can greatly stimulate the development of metal packaging industry.Along with the national government on the people's livelihood to increase investment, national life continues to improve, it will greatly promote the growth ofmetal packaging, experts predict that in the next 5 to 10 years will be the metal packaging strategy development period, the domestic each big metal packagingenterprises will implement technological transformation, deep into the research and development, the national strategic layout, will to further promote the development of China metal packaging industry, to achieve the strategic objectives of metalpackaging power.

    At present, the domestic per capita consumption of metal packaging level and per capita GDP ratio compared with the international, the gap is still relatively large,visible, metal packaging industry have great opportunities in the Chinese and rising space, especially Chinese after joining the WTO, the core competitiveness of enterprises will be shifted to the brand, service, scale strength from the price theChina, metal packaging industry, is not only a challenge, but also new opportunities for development.

    The 2 group, scale, specialization is the future direction of the metal packaging industry. The next 3~5 years, comprehensively enhance the metal packagingindustry will be gradually to the group, large-scale, professional, lean manufacturing and clean production will be the future direction of the metal packaging industry: from single production to group development in multiple regions; from extensive management to the development of digital beganproduction, meticulous, scientific, can increase the metal packaging industrymanagement level and threshold, decreases the gap with the developed countries.Through acquisitions, mergers, alliances become a large metal packaging groupChinese metal packaging enterprises, and through the survival of the fittest outpart of the enterprise, development of the norms of the metal packaging industry.

    3 energy-saving emission reduction is a strategic goal of development of metal packaging, the development of green economy will drag the metal packagingindustry upgrading

    Clean production and recycling economy promulgated and implemented, indicates that the country is determined, on the development of green economy standards,how to carry out clean production, how to control the waste and how to reduce harmful gas emissions give a clear explanation on the metal packaging production process, I believe the future of computer network and digital printing technology will be further developed. Energy saving and emission reduction, efficiency first,reduce the resource occupation, create a conservation oriented metal packaging enterprises, the development of green recycling economy, take the road of sustainable development.

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